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Current Areas of Study

The Eisenlohr lab spans many facets of immunology and virology.


Mechanisms of Poxvirus Virulence Factors

Stephen is currently studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of poxvirus virulence. Specifically, he works on the C15 ectromelia virulence protein, which is a member of the B22 family.

Unconventional Antigen Presentation

Mike uses the mouse model of influenza virus infection to study unconventional forms of antigen presentation, including: 1) the cell biology of endogenous MHC class II presentation, 2) the impact of endogenous vs. exogenous MHC class II presentation on CD4 T cell activation, 3) T cells restricted to non-classical MHC class I molecules, and 4) cryptic epitopes that are not derived from known functional proteins.

Dendritic cell_edited.jpg

Immune Responses in Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)

Eric is currently studying the role of antigen presentation in the allergic disease, eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE).

Viral Triggers of Autoimmunity

Julia studies the interaction between viral infection and dysregulated immune responses. She plans to explore how viruses may trigger alterations in antigen processing and presentation that promote the development of autoimmune/autoinflammatory diseases.


Interrogating Non-classical Antigen Presentation through High-throughput Screens

Our technicians, Christabel and Emma, use targeted knockdowns and knockouts to investigate the pathways used to process and present model influenza virus antigens.

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